Self check-in procedure

Get to the House Address: 15 Spooner Croft, B5 7JN – Google Maps Link

1.- Open the small metal gate and go inside the terrace

House Front Terrace

2.- Turn around and check the keybox where the arrow indicates (The one on the right on the right side of the gate)

3.- Type the combination we sent you (Here it’s 2589 in red but we change it every time) and open the box as the yellow arrow indicates and you will find the house keys inside

CHECKOUT PROCEDURE: Just lock the door and leave the keys inside the same box please.

PARKING: All the places in front of the house and at the back are free


  • Downstairs and back rooms: Network: Three_002020, Password: qbn3MJm8Y32
  • Upstairs front rooms: Network: Manus Place. Password: Monument123-4

Very important: Do not unplug the plugs covered with tape because the CCTV outside the house and the thermostat might stop working, etc


The thermostat is scheduled but if you need more or less temperature you can contact our staff via Whatsapp (Preferred method) email or calls

Just in case, the boiler switch is on the left hand side of the first bedroom door, but please don’t turn it off.


– General waste must be stored in plastic bags provided and placed in the big bin at the front of the house, and every Tuesday night bins must be placed outside the front fence ready for collection.

– Plastic and metal inside the recycling bin without bags, paper on the top part of the recycling bin. More info here.

If any of the conditions are not met, the bins will not be collected by the Council weekly service and we have the right to pay a private removal service from the damages deposit.

TV CODE: 1234


If you are not used to uPVC doors, here you have a video about how to lock the front door and the garden door:


Any question don’t hesitate to contact us +447488811337 (WhatsApp available)

The Chinatown Home Management Team